Christmas in Sarawak

Observing the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December is celebrated in Sarawak in the same manner as it is done in all the other parts of the world. People in Sarawak celebrate it with a lot of fun, frolic, rejoicing with family and friends. Christmas in Sarawak is indeed a joyous affair where all people gather to celebrate the birth of Christ and have a nice time together. Christmas in Sarawak is therefore a time to engage in unadulterated fun.

The season of Christmas in Sarawak is quite warm as it is just a little distance from the equator. The average temperature during this season ranges from 22 degrees to 33 degrees centigrade.

Like in all the other parts of the world Christmas in Sarawak is a time when people indulge in a lot of shopping. Hoteliers and retailers are active and they have commercialized the event to a great extent. Shops are decorated with stockings, snow and the Santa Clause. There are also the Christmas trees, reindeers and the candy canes. The traditional colours are red, gold, green and white. Shopping malls are really a must visit during this time. All are lit up with bright lights and the entire place reflects the jubilance of the festival mood.

Christmas in Sarawak is a public holiday and is essentially a religious affair. A certain portion of the population observes the “Advent”. This is a four week period before Christmas. People pray, fast and also read the Bible.

The Christmas atmosphere in Sarawak

Christmas celebrations involve a lot of joy and happiness all over the Sarawak. Christmas is regarded as one of the most celebrated and joyous occasions. The real spirit of Christmas celebrations is spreading love and happiness everywhere. Although, with the advent of commercialization, Christmas is gradually losing its real meaning, still people eagerly wait for it. During Christmas season, shops and stores in Sarawak are full of Christmas stuff like artificial Christmas trees, Christmas crafts and Christmas ornaments.

In Sarawak, people decorate their homes with beautiful Christmas tree, colourful candles, dazzling Christmas lights and balloon. Traditional Christmas recipes are also prepared for Christmas celebrations.

Christmas celebrations are considered incomplete without beautiful Christmas gifts. In Sarawak, Christmas gifts are the ideal way to express love and care to your loved ones. People eagerly await the arrival of Christmas gifts. In Asia, it is a popular belief that Santa Claus brings beautiful Christmas gifts for small kids.

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without prayers. On the Christmas day, people gather in the Church to offer prayer to the Lord. Different parts of the world have different traditions for celebrating Christmas. In some parts of the world, Christmas is celebrated for a week whereas in other parts of the world, Christmas starts with the Sunday next to November 26 and concludes on January 6 with the feast of Epiphany.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. But the preparations for Christmas celebrations start many days before. Christmas is a festival of carols, feasts and gifts. It is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Just the beginnings of December mark an aura of excitement among people throughout the world. Shops are decorated with lights and new products are showcased in the markets. People crowd in the markets to purchase new clothes, gifts and Christmas accessories (lights, tree decorations, pies, candies etc).


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